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(Nau de Atores e Vivências Teatrais)


Founded and directed by actor and playwright Leandro Navarrete, the group has been presenting authorial pieces since 2016 in the city of Recife

In 2020 Báw debuts in professional theater with the show "Lugar Algum", by Leandro Navarrete, performing at the Apolo-Hermilo Cultural Center and at SESC Santo Amaro

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The show featured a performance on Ilha de Deus, in Barra de Jangada, in which painting - so present in Báw's expression - became the protagonist. The large screen, built collectively, occupied the stage at the climax of the show.

The performance process was recorded, and can be seen in the video below:

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-05 at 12.49.56.jpeg

It is not known exactly where we came from. It is not known why we came or what we will present. There is a trial scheduled. There is the beginning of the end of the season. A torment. Other than that, just bodies borrowed for theater and artistic making. How it is and how it moves. There is a great distress and anxiety to present something great. A classic text, a dynamic scene and even, perhaps, a denouncement. Yes. It exists; what doesn't exist is always there, oscillating in the words and going nowhere.

"The show signals the danger of lying in wait. Lying to get, to be 'loved', perverted, to win, to take advantage, to live, exist, walk, listen, lie, lie, lie (...)"

Anger and torture take a drink and covet each other in the hall, anger wants to annihilate torture in every way. Smash the torture face into the wall. Torture is false and disgusting. And here torture wins, it wins through pain, through despair. Anger became the height of freedom. Love gave a truce." (Ozzi Cândido)

The review, written by the poet Ozzi Cândido and published by the digital magazine Quarta Parede, can be read in full at the link below:

Lugar Algum
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