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Direction and Production:

Báw Pernambuco @pe.baw

Executive production:

Sabrina Pontual @sabrinapontual

Assistant director:

Luiz Afonso Moreda @afon.somoredaScreenplay and Argument:

Baw Pernambuco

João Falcão @riscadeira_

Luiz Afonso Moreda


Brenda Valois @velozart

João Falcão


Brenda Valois

João Falcão

Raquel Moura @raquelmouran

Dubbing Direction:

Leandro Navarrete @navarretekaramazov


Báw Pernambuco as L1 and L2

João Falcão as Francisco

Leandro Navarrete as Gregório, Homer and Sofia's Father

Raquel Moura as Sofia

Animation Direction:

Marcela Werneck


Gabriella Mariella

] João Soliva

Marcela Werneck

Narcissus Spovith

Natasha Cartes

Video edition:

Luiz Afonso Moreda

 Voice Capture, Diegetic Sounds and Soundtrack:

Breno Rocha @naondi__


Emerson Andrade

Watch the full movie:

This project was born with the idea of being an animated series, but became a short film thanks to the incentive of the Aldir Blanc law.



Sofia is a little girl at home amidst the chaos of the pandemic. Her father needs to go out to work, and he leaves her alone. With her cell phone broken and unable to go out, she dialogues with creative fantasies that teach her how to deal with loneliness.

still 2.png


This film aims to encourage dialogue about the possibility of being alone. Created in the context of social isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the film brings themes such as meditation and artistic expression as forms of mental health care to children. Concern for the environment is also raised


Cine PE

In 2021 "Portas" was officially selected to participate in the 25th edition of the Audiovisual Cine PE Festival, and was shown on the big screens of Teatro do Parque, in the city of Recife


(Báw's painting is present in its various expressions)

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